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I've gotten a few requests for wallpapers privately, so from now until the end of the weekend, if You'd like a desktop wallpaper version of any one of my arts, please send me a message here and I'll make some. =-)
So I opened up a shop on for some of my Tee designs to live on.  I'll be adding designs to here periodically, but these are the designs I have up to start with. Including to new pieces that I've added for shirts specifically for this site.
So please, click through take a look, and if You want a cool nerdy piece of art to put on your body, these would do the trick!…
Capture by steevinlove

Lots of changes coming soon, and I'm pretty excited, more on that later.
I forgot to mention this on here, but if you were interested in getting a (signed) Print of that Disney vs Marvel Battle Royale poster I did Disney vs Marvel - Princess Battle Royale by steevinlove
I have a bit of them for sale.

I have them available in two sizes
A larger 11 x 30 Inch for $30
and a smaller 7 x 18 inch (which may actually be 8 x 21 inch according to a recent measuring) $15

This is a picture of my future wife holding them up for scale

I do have to charge shipping ($5) and if you're international, I'll have to look up shipping.

If you're at all interested send me a note!
SO. I decided to break away from fan art for a short time so I can do something with a little more creative freedom lol.
And I am going to draw up some monster girl pinups!

But I'd like to narrow down a list of twelve types of monsters to do.

Here is a list of all the kinds I am interested in doing so far, but I thought maybe others would have some suggestions?

[ ]Succubus - Already Drew a Sketch for so I'm definitely doing this one.
[ ]Harpy
[ ]Cyclops
[ ]Satyr
[ ]Alien
[ ]Robot
[ ]Ghost/Banshee
[ ]Dullahan
[ ]Mermaid/Siren
[ ]Swamp Creature
[ ]Genie
[ ]Insectoid / Queen Bee
[ ]Unicorn Centaur
[ ]Lamia/Naga
[ ]Arachne
[ ]Faerie/ Pixie
[ ]Living Doll/Homunculus

[ ]Sphinx
[ ]Wisp
[ ]Werecat / Werewolf / Wereleopard / Werepanther  -- one of these.

I am thinking of combining a few concepts tell me what you think / If you think you'd rather see my take on the specific creature rather.

I want to combine:
Mermaid/Siren with a Swamp Creature take some elements of each to create what I think a Sea Monster girl could look like.

Dullahan with a Living Doll, just a thought, but I have this image in my head of her carrying her own head, but her parts are kind of doll like.

Faerie/Pixie/Nymph with Will o' the Wisp I imagine Wisps to be the Sirens of the forests... they guide you to your DOOOOOOOM.
It's been a while since I've posted in my Journal here... Heck, it's been a while since I've posted any artwork even... right!?
Well, I posted this over on my FB already, but it makes sense that I post it here, I mean, why not? Right?

The reason I've not posted much artwork over the past Month has been because I've been hard at work on a Save the Date video for my upcoming wedding! (OH YEAH, I'm GETTING MARRIED)  Featuring me and my soon to be bride Beth, and our Council of Matrimony, otherwise known as the DoomsMen (Groom's Side) and the BridesBabes (Bride's Side), as well as the Curators of our wedding who are co-officiating.

Anyway, I'm excited, and PROUD to present our Save the Date video!!!

It's much less impact-full because you have to click on the link, but PLEASE carry that energy over there!
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It's driving me insane, I have a day (Finally) to work on whatever I want, but I have no idea which piece to start on...
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For many that started following me on here, you've probably started to so because of my Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom project.

Well I have mentioned many times that I'm not quite finished with that so figured I'd let you all know that I've started a rather LARGE project with those characters, I'm not going to tell you what it is yet but It'll be the biggest drawing related project I'll have done up to now.

These are few of the redesigns I had to do for this project, since it's a true work in progress these are subject to change and there might be more to come
DOEK Redesigns 1 by steevinlove

I will be posting a few more  works in progress pieces, concepts and sketches but I wont be posting them on here I don't like cluttering up my DA any more than I already do. So if you'd like to see more I suggest following my tumblr

Thank you everyone who's supported me in this crazyness, and I hope you like how this comes out, since it's for you
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You may have noticed these "DaD or Draw a Day" pictures being posted lately, and I figured I'd explain.  At the end of the year last year, my girlfriend Beth suggested that I get a "nudie" Day calendar to use as pose reference for drawings throughout the year.  So I bought a girly calendar and have been doing just that.  Though i didn't get until the 5th of January... but whatever.  Now you'll notice I skip some days and that I only do one on the weekends... and well that is because I will be skipping poses I just don't feel like doing, and on weekends the Calendar only has one image for both days.. so I'll be taking advantage of that.  So far these have  been a lot of fun, and It will be neat to see if I will see noticeable improvements while I go through these.

The Gallery can be found here:…

I've been drawing the gesture first and then putting the photo away so I can fill in the poe with whomever I feel like.  I've been using characters from Comics, Video Games, Disney and such and I have a growing list of characters I might be doing.  Feel free to suggest any character you might want to see, but remember I'm trying not to repeat characters, so I've been trying to associate just the right pose for just the right girl, so I might not get to every character on my list, I'd just like to have a nice long large list so I don't have to waste time trying to decide who to draw.

Here are some of my favorites so far:
DaD 1-31-11 Fran by steevinlove Draw a Day 1-17-11 Venom by steevinlove Draw a Day 1-12-11 Android by steevinlove DaD 1-26-11 Darkchilde by steevinlove

On a side note:
We are hosting a contest over at :icondisney-fusion: for Prizes!  There's still 2 weeks left to enter.  The contest theme is to combine Disney with Video games, (You might know I have thing for combining things together).  So if you're interested go ahead and check it out.…
I received a note from DA a few minutes ago telling me that they Deleted my Ariel: Bearer of the Trident… was in violation of their underage policy with the following note:

"The character depicted in this deviation is an established underage character (16). Underage characters cannot be displayed in a nude and/or erotic fashion as per our policies. If you have any questions please contact the helpdesk."

Now I'm pretty sure of a few things. 1.  It wasn't pornography, 2. That in the very detailed description I wrote I specifically wrote that the piece was depicting her at time in the future of where her official story took place, where she was suppose to be an adult.  I may not have said 18 specifically, but I thought it was pretty clear.  3. It was the only piece that I put the mature filter onto, would it have been fine without it?

I've put a disclaimer on the remainder of the pieces, I hope that will suffice, and keep others from being pulled.

With that being said, Ariel is now... gone. Tragically. I will put it back up with a disclaimer also later, but I'm hoping the help desk writes me back first.... otherwise well.. otherwise that sucks.

For those of you that saw it, have any of you ever felt that I was depicting underage nudity?

I've since heard back from the help desk, and I really believe that it's out of their hands.  Regardless of intent, and regardless of my portrayal, I put that Mature label on it (just to be safe) and I think it was then flagged.  There is unfortunately nothing that can be done.  With that said, it's ok, life goes on, this journal will stay up and no matter what happens I'll always provide a link to it somewhere.  Thank you all for the support, it really means a lot.  And if you haven't make sure you check out my Ariel replacement in the series.

Here's the piece for the fun of it.
I've been sooo busy, sorry for the lack of updates latley, I've been busy busy busy!

I started up a tumblr account for my art.  In it I've been uploading sketches of upcoming artwork and razamataz you can find it here

it's a little bare, but that's just I just started it.
In addition I also started up a personal Blog, which you can find here

so if your on tumblr, feel free to follow, and I'll follow you back!

if you're not on tumblr... well then your missing out =-P
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Fans of the Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom project I've been doing may have noticed the little hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the images, and many of you have been asking for a little help.  For that reason I've taken the liberty of providing you with a little cheat sheet to aid in your troubles.

I realize that I was a bit of a jerk as to where I placed them, but what can I say, I'm a jerk.  Some of you may even kick yourself as to how obvious these locations really are, and that's OK.  These tiny tributes were really just a way to say thank you for checking out my stuff... and looking really close at the pictures I drew... and for starring for hours with your eyes sorta squinted until you realized you were looking at someone's chest for an odd amount of time.... Thank you.

In addition a lot of you may have felt that some of these heroins were left without stories.  The stories were really just a way to explain why I made some of the decisions I made with costumes and such... and well at this point if you care then So do I! (I'm just kidding I cared the whole time) SO I took the liberty of making sure everyone was given a story or at at least a description.  If you felt that some girls were cut a little short, I want you to know there is indeed more to come.

I have one more piece to finish off this project that I think all of you will be very pleasantly surprised with and I hope you enjoy that, but it wont be coming any time soon, but when the time comes, you'll know.

Lastly, I know a lot of you may be disappointed that I may have left your favorite character out.  But have hope!  I really enjoyed making these, so as inspiration hits me, I'm sure I'll dive in and make some more "Steevin Versions" of some more of the heroins... Disney Chicks are beautiful... and they are fun to mess around with.... artistically.

Thank you for all the support! And enjoy!
Today is My Birthday! (You should be excited too)  and though I'm here at work composting some Ballerinas within some bushes in an attempt to make it look like they are blooming.... I figured I can pull a few minutes away for myself.  The day is going pretty good actually, but not nearly as awesome as this last Saturday was when we celebrated with a Photoshoot Party, we went thrift shopping for costume pieces, junk, and toys and set up some camera equipment and then BAM! Instant awesome.  If you'd like to take a look you can find the pictures here:………

(btw this links to my facebook, feel free to add me if you'd like to)

Swordy by steevinlove
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Attention IMVU users!

The Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom are now available on IMVU! As Stickers. xxxtwistedalicexxx has made these stickers available to buy for all of your battle ready Princess needs! As stickers.  Only a few are available at the moment but more are to come.  The Stickers come with full transparencies so you can stick them over whatever you want! Stop on by and get your sticker today! Or tomorrow... that would be ok too...

You can find your stickers here:…


Just to let you know, myself and betherella started up a group to celebrate and showcase all those great Disney related fusions you find everywhere!  Feel free to join, contests and activities will come as the group grows.

Logald Duckerine by SaiyaGina :thumb90582033:
Beautiful Belle by andre4boys MINNIE PIN UP by PacoAfroMonkey

So check out Disney-Fusion.... if you want...

or don't...

I can't make you.

But this knife to your face might change your mind.
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You all have been very supportive with my Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom project.  I will be doing 2 more, one of them as many of you may have guessed is going to be Snow White...  But I'll need help deciding heroine to do.

I created a poll based on my favorites of the many suggestions and requests I've received along the way, please vote and help me decide, I'll be keeping the poll open until I finish re-doing Belle.

Thank you all for being so supportive, I really appreciate it, I was originally just doing these to practice my art, but I really ended up loving how these have come out, and I really feel like I've improved a lot since the first one I've done.
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